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How Do You Know Who To Trust Online?

When you start a business online, Information Overload is a real problem. If you've tried for any length of time to get an EBiz going, you know exactly what I mean. There's so much "info" out there sending you mixed messages that it becomes impossible to sort out what's real and what's not, what works and what doesn't, what YOU need and what you DON'T need.   

The confusion you've been feeling is INTENTIONAL. There are SO MANY low-life dirt-bag marketers of junk info online that the EBiz Information Market has turned into an open sewer full of lazy, bloated rats all screaming for your attention at the same time. They know that whoever screams the loudest gets your attention and your money, and that's all they care about. You CAN'T know who to trust.

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EBiz Info Providers You Can Trust


If you really want to know what EBiz Info products to trust, you need to know the people who produce them, not just the marketing material. I have personally met the owners of every company on this list, and work with them on a regular basis. They're all completely honest people, and that's what really matters. I'm giving you my personal word of honor, which means a lot to me, that these people are all the real thing, and you can trust them.


The listings below are not sales pitches. That's not the purpose of this site. They are simply honest recommendations. If you find something you need listed below, I'm just here to tell you for a fact that you can buy it with absolute confidence.


If you don't know whether some other product you're considering is for real or a waste of money, do NOT trust them without asking me. I will find out and give you my personal opinion.


 Click the links below to find what you're looking for.


EBiz Startup Info
EBiz Bootcamps and Seminars
eBay Training and Information
Legal Help for your EBiz
Search Engine Optimization
TV Infomercials
Upcoming Product Trends
Wholesale Products To Sell Online
Other Scambusting Information
...More to come


- EBiz Startup Info

The Internet Marketing Center contains a wealth of information for starting up your EBiz. I know the CEO, Derek Gehl, personally. We've done several online webinars togeether, he's appeared on my Radio Shows, and more. I talk to him fairly frequently, and trust him and his company.

You'll find all different kinds of information and software products for your business there. If you're looking to organize your thoughts and understand how to start an EBiz, this is the place to start looking.
- EBiz Bootcamps and Seminars

Unfortunately, there isn't a single EBiz Seminar or "Bootcamp" that I would recommend to you. I've been to them. I've met executives who run them. I've been approached by them to market them to my Worldwide Brands customers. I won't do it. No, they're not all scams, but in my opinion they are high-cost marketing machines that don't deliver on their promises well enough to help you in the real world.

Click Here for a Video on this subject.

- eBay Training and Information

The eBay Training market is a virtual minefield of scams and rip-offs. Every idiot who ever sold a rancid dust-bunny on eBay tries to make you believe they're "experts" who can teach you to make money overnight on eBay.

There are only a couple of REAL eBay Experts, and here are my Top two:

Janelle Elms spent years touring the country with eBay University. Her knowledge of eBay and how to achieve success there is second to none. You can find her here:

Skip McGrath is a leading eBay Powerseller and expert eBay Author. His books and other materials are a must-read if you really want to make it on eBay:

- Legal Help for your EBiz

Everybody has legal questions when starting an EBiz properly. If you're going to start an online business, you absolutely need to start a business. My site and this information are not for people who want to 'fly below the radar' and try to sell online without forming a legal business. If you do that, you're wasting your time. If you ask me questions about doing that, you're wasting my time.

So, if you want to earn real money online, you need to get legal. That means you might need some legal advice about your EBiz from time to time. When you do, there's no better place to go than Cliff Ennico's web site.

Cliff is a good friend of mine. I trust him implicitly. He's an Attorney specializing in law relating to online business, and has written several really good books on the subject. I strongly suggest you check out his site.
- Upcoming Product Trends

Lisa Suttora of is an eBay Certified Service Provider. Knowing what will be selling two to three months from now is a very good thing for your online business, and she's the trend forecaster I know. I've worked with Lisa many times, we know each other personally, and I trust her and her information completely.

Lisa's unique and surprising insights into seeing your everyday world as a huge selection of products you can sell online earned her several on-stage speaking appearances at the eBay Live national convention in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Lisa's material is the best of it's kind.
Wholesale Products To Sell Online

If you want to start a business selling products online, you absolutely must have regular wholesale suppliers of products to sell. You also need to be able to find out if the products you want to sell are actually selling right now. You also need to know how to work with wholesale suppliers.

The absolutely best in the business is my company, Worldwide Brands. Sure, I know, I'm recommending my own company. Let me tell you something, and you can believe it or not believe it, that's up to you. I would not recommend even my own business if it were not hands-down the best in the world at what it does.

If you don't know me already, over time you'll come to learn that's true.

There are a LOT of sneaky little weasels out there telling you they have the biggest, best, and most comprehensive Product Sourcing information online, at really cheap prices. They're lying to you, and they're trying to copy me (unsuccessfully). Neither one of those things is acceptable. Click here to see a video on the subject. If you really want to find genuine wholesale suppliers of products to sell online, and really make money online like I have, you must check out this site.

Other Scam and Fraud Prevention Sites

There are a few other good guys out there really trying to help you prevent and recover from Scams. I'll list the ones I trust here as I find them.

...More to come...

This site is new, and it's a daily work in progress. There are more people that I trust and recommend in different areas, and I will be posting them here. If you are looking at an online EBiz program of some kind that you don't see here, and want my personal opinion, contact me and I'll let you know.


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How do I Know Who To Trust?

For ten years, I've been working my tail off to provide honest information to people starting out in online business. I never lie, cheat, or steal. Google my name; you'll see it's true. For all that time, I've been watching a rising tide of blathering jackasses flooding this market with fake promises of instant riches. They promise cheap, easy solutions that do everything for you. They are LYING. Every one of them.

As Founder and CEO of Worldwide Brands, Inc., the internet's most highly regarded EBiz Product Sourcing company, it's my business to KNOW EXACTLY who these people are and how they cheat you. Why? Because they compete with my legitimate business by filling the online marketing channels with so much stinking crap that my company has to wear hip boots to wade through it. So, it's my job to investigate that "competition" thoroughly and understand them completely. If you want to read more about exactly why I'm qualified to give you this information, and why you can believe me, check the "Who Is Chris" page on this site.

II could start writing out a list of all the pond scum you need to avoid, but that could take years. It's much easier to tell you who you CAN trust, because that's a much, MUCH shorter list.

I know the Presidents and CEOs of all the companies people on the (very) short list of Good Guys (and Gals) too. We meet all the time in person, we talk on the phone, and we work with each other to try to keep the sewer rats at bay. For YEARS now, we've been talking about putting up a site like this, that really gives you an inside look at how the scammers operate, but it's never happened. So I decided to do it myself, on my own personal site.

I'm sick of the junk-info dirt-bags who dance to the bank on your dime all day long, and get in the way of honest companies like mine who are actually trying to help you. The gloves are coming off right here on this site. If any of those scum-suckers wants to whine about it, I'd be more than happy to respond to their legal letters and lawsuits by letting them sue me and then dragging their happy asses through the courts, to fully expose to the public what they really are.

People I Trust
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